Our Story 📖

Six years ago, startup giants, like Facebook and Snapchat, were hard at work building experiences designed to keep their users constantly engaged. It made me curious, could software be developed that didn’t require user interaction? So I asked myself a question:

What if you built a product so revolutionary, you could set it and forget it?

Six years later, Greg Lamp, Colin Ristig, and I quit our jobs, raised some money, and did exactly that. We’re building the next generation of artificial intelligence. We call it Waldo, and it saves you money. All you have to do is sign up — Waldo does the rest.

Meet Waldo 👋

Ever purchased something only to find it went on sale a week later? How about, a month later. Yeah, not cool. Waldo’s job is to get that cash back for you.

Imagine you buy a TV for $600, and a week later it goes on sale for $400.  Waldo automatically detects the price drop, and you get a $200 refund without even lifting a finger.

We all know airline fares, hotel rooms, and concert tickets frequently change in price. But what if I told you prices for sneakers, jeans, and laptops change just as often?

What Waldo Does

Waldo monitors the shopping receipts in your inbox and watches for price changes so you don't have to.

Waldo is artificial intelligence built to save you money on recent purchases when they drop in price. How? Well, you know those lengthy terms & conditions no one bothers to read? We did.

Waldo Gets You Cash Back

Hidden in these company’s terms & conditions is a perk called price protection. Price protection allows you a refund within a certain timeframe that each retailer sets. We programmed Waldo to use these price protection policies to your benefit.

Waldo's machine learning algorithms watch for price drops on the products you've recently bought. When they go on sale, Waldo initiates a refund with the retailer - and you get money back.

So whats Waldo cost? Nothing; our service is free. When we find you a price drop, we take a small 25% finders fee while you get to keep the remaining 75%. The best part — you don’t have to lift a finger. Funds are directly credited back to your credit card from the store.

Where’s Waldo…Work?

Tons of places and more to come. Waldo gets you money back from a diverse set of brands including Amazon, Patagonia, Best Buy, and Nordstrom just to name a few. Waldo works with over 100+ brands, with new ones added every day.

Online or in the store, once your receipt is emailed, Waldo can get to work. No more calling customer service, filling out web forms, or driving back to the store. Waldo’s got your back.

Where’s Waldo…Going?

On a road trip 🚗🌴. We’re currently working on support for airlines, hotels, and so much more. Join us on our journey —and let us know where you would like to save more money.

Hope to see you soon,