The internet is full of beautiful things. From cute photos of cats 🐱 to video of Bob Ross 🎨, the internet is a special place where people come together. Know what else brings people together? Pizza 🍕🍕🍕

Today, the team has asked Waldo, to scan the internet and find the craziest, weirdest, most outrageous 🍕-themed items that are sold online. Without further ado...

The Plush Pizza Sleeping Bag – Amazon:

Silver Lilly Pizza Sleeping Bag - Plush Fleece Giant Pizza Slice Blanket for Kids and Adults

This deliciously comfortable pizza sleeping bag is possibly the best sleeping bag on earth. Between the all-over pizza print and plush crust, you'll feel just like you're wrapped in your favorite slice...without the mess. There's only one thing better than one of these pizza sleeping bags. Two of them.

70.5" Inflatable Pizza Slice Swimming Pool Float – Target:

Pool Central 70.5" Inflatable Pizza Slice 1-Person Swimming Pool Raft Float - Yellow/Orange

Ideal for people who want to float on a giant piece of pizza. This 70.5" raft is sure to make a splash at your next pool party. With multi-purposes features like crust that acts as a convenient headrest and cheese bubbles that help house a cold one 🍺, this pizza raft is destined to be your favorite way to float.

The Pizza Tie - Kohl's:

Men's Novelty Pizza Tie

Worried about that next big job interview? Worry no more. This pizza power tie screams confidence, exudes intellect, and all-around guarantees you'll be the talk of the town. Bring this bad boy pizza tie to the table and you'll practically get the job on the spot (real world results may vary).

10ct. Supreme Pizza Slice String Lights – Target:

Kurt S. Adler 10ct Pizza Shop Supreme Pizza Slice String Lights Yellow/Red - 10' Green Wire

Designed to look so good, you'll want to eat them. This 10ct. supreme pizza slice string light set will have neighbors begging you to keep your Christmas lights up well through July. Perfect for the man-cave, a kid's treehouse, the neighborhood Italian restaurant, your office cubicle, or really anything else.

Pet Pizza Slice Costume – QVC

Rubie's Pizza Slice Pet Costume - Large

Serve up this adorable look on Halloween (or honestly any day) when you dress your four-legged friend in this pizza slice costume. This 100% polyester pizza slice costume is guaranteed to make your dog even more boss than they already are. After all, everyone already wants to pet your dog – but with this costume, everyone will wanna eat him too. Wait...what?

Adult's Pizza Slice Costume – Target

Fun World® Adult's Pizza Slice Costume

Jealous that your dog has a cool pizza costume and you don't? Fear no more. This adult pizza slice costume lets you have fun while pretending to be a piece of food. Pizza is one of the greatest foods of all time. What better way to have a great Halloween than to go as a slice of your favorite food?

Pizza iPhone Case – Target:

Let's be honest: people break phones all time. According PRNews, 1/3 Americans have broken their phone in the past year. But good news – PRNews has yet to report a single broken phone incident for people using this pizza-themed iPhone case. Your phone never looked so good.

Pizza Slice Micro-bead Pillow – Kohl's

Iscream Pizza Slice Microbead Pillow

Finally, a way to dream of the perfect slice while resting on your perfect pizza pillow. This 17" x 17.5" pizza pillow might be the most comfortable pillow you'll ever rest your head upon. Sadly, this too-good-to-be-true item is currently out of stock. Looks like some smart people got to this deal first.

Fitness Pizza T-Shirt Red – Target

Men's Into Fitness Pizza T-Shirt Red Heather

This casual fit pizza shirt feels super comfortable when you're just chillin', or when you actually decide to head to the gym. Either way, we couldn't agree more with the message behind this product.

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