For anyone who's a series baker, a KitchenAid Mixer is a must-have.  

Need to bake a batch of 140 cookies?  Stuff some home-made Italian sausage?  Crank out industrial quantities of thin-sheet zucchini?

KitchenAid mixers have got your back!  

For everyone else who doesn't bake, its a high-end mixer...meaning it mixes things really well.

We’re going to dig into the mixer market and reveal how high-end retail items offer huge opportunities when dynamic pricing algorithms are in play.

Mixing up the Mixer Market

KitchenAid sells most of their products through distributors — companies like Best Buy, Kohls, JCPenney, Target, etc. Let’s look at Best Buy pricing data to determine the best deal on KitchenAid mixers.

Best Buy sells a variety of KitchenAid mixers, each having different features:

  1. Mixer bucket size (between 3.5 and 7 quarts)
  2. Mixer model (Designer, Artisan, Professional)
  3. Mixer color (Orange sorbet, Honeydew, Truffle Dust)

Though KitchenAid has a much wider variety of mixers, Best Buy only stocks 4–5 variants.

Fun fact: 0.57 horsepower will mix roughly 11 dozen cookies

Below are some of the various types:

Mixer Pricing Madness

Over the past several months, we’ve tasked Waldo to track mixer prices.

To say the least, they are extremely volatile. Below shows the pricing changes over time, across all colors, models, and sizes:

Mixer price volatility over time

Why Size Batters 🍪

Unless you’re a serious baker, you probably don’t care if your mixer has 8 vs 10 speeds, or can make 80 cookies vs 140 cookies in one go.

A Serious Baker

Let’s see how the prices compare between the various mixing bowl sizes.

Comparing Minimum and Maximum Prices, a 6-Quart mixer on sale retails for the same price as a 3.5-Quart mixer.

The KSM155 – SO Hot Right Now

Everyone is talking about the KSM 155.  But is it worth it?  

We see a huge difference in prices: a Max Price of $429.99 for the KSM155 compared to the KSM150 Min. Price of $199.99!

That’s a $230 difference for (at least as far as I can tell)…a glass bowl.

Choosing a Color – and Timing it Right

One of the craziest things about these mixers is the variety of colors they come in. Below are the color options for just the KSM150!

Because there are 31 different colors (including nuggets like Majestic Yellow, Matte Milkshake, and Gloss Cinnamon) I’ve shown just a handful below.

Some quick highlights:

  • “Aqua Sky” —  has an additional $40 of price variance over other colors
  • “Blue Willow” — lowest price is nearly $60 less than all others

The Wild Pricing Ride of the KSM150

What should we make of all this volatility?

If we take the absolute value of all the price changes for the 31 different KSM150 mixers shown above, the prices change $25,264 over 6 months!

On average that’s $140 in price changes per day!

Why does all this matter? Unless you’re shopping for sales and aware of what the price history of a product is, you’re probably not getting the lowest price.

Waldo – Dynamic Pricing Peace of Mind

This is why we built Waldo. Have to make a last-minute purchase? Don’t want to risk a product running out of stock but afraid the price is too high?

Waldo gives you peace of mind: Waldo watches for price drops on the products you've recently purchased, and if they go on sale, Waldo initiates a refund with the retailer — you get your money back automatically.

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