Getting the best shopping deals is all about timing.  (Unless you use Waldo)

  • Seasonal clothes like winter coats or bathing suits have to be sold before the next season.
  • Styles and trends go out of fashion.
  • Inventory needs to be sold before it's no longer relevant.

To help ensure that inventory is constantly being sold, retailers utilize price changes as a way to get rid of excess product.

Similar to airlines, retailers change prices constantly, hoping to maximize the sale price of products, while also ensuring that they build up excess stockpiles.

Best Day of the Week to Find New Markdowns and Sales!

Sales or price markdowns tend to be very cyclical for both Ann Taylor and LOFT.

The charts below show for each day, the number of products that went on sale, and how much the average markdown was.

For example, on 3/11/2019, 484 products at LOFT were marked down on average 30%.

Average markdowns across both retailers hover pretty consistently around 30%, though LOFT has more volatility.

As for actually getting to deals first, below is an analysis showing the sales by day of the week:

Takeaways - Quick Shopping Tips

1. LOFT puts a ton of inventory on sale early in the week (largely Monday - Wednesday)

2. Ann Taylor marks down products primarily on Monday nights and Saturdays.

New Product Releases at Ann Taylor and LOFT

Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT utilize both similar pricing strategies, as well as release schedules for new products.

Below, we can see over the past 45 days, how many new products have been added to both Ann Taylor and LOFT:

Feb. 26th was the big summer clothing lines release for both retailers:

• LOFT added 433 new products
• Ann Taylor added 373  

Best Day of the Week to Buy Newly Released Products

Below, we see the total number of new products added by day of the week.

  • The vast majority of new products are launched during the week NOT weekends.
  • Over 50% of new products are added on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Note: a good portion of the "Tuesday" products are added late in the day on Monday, so if you're shopping online, you probably want to check Monday evening as well.


To get the newest product releases:

- Shop at Ann Taylor Monday night - Wednesday
- Shop at LOFT Monday night + Wednesday night


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